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Luke Woodgate is an artist from the south east of England.

Born in 1985, He is primarily Known for his large scale landscapes. His work has gone through many phases, each contributing to a unique and distinctive style.

Studying printmaking at Brighton, he developed techniques for translating detailed pen and ink drawings into screen prints with vast numbers of layers. The layers were made on computer by scanning the drawings and creating colour separations with a tablet. As the drawings became more complex, screen printing was no longer an option and he began producing the work as very limited edition giclee prints.

Perfecting this process over many years, he began to experiment with ways of transitioning to the more traditional medium of paint, while maintaining his idiosyncratic approach. He now mostly paints in acrylic on large wood panels.

Having exhibited in solo and group shows including the Royal Academy, his work has shipped to countless collectors in the U.K. and internationally.

The landscapes themselves are imagined, insprired by his travels across the world.

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